Anniesland Research, Consultancy Limited (work in progress)

Anniesland Research Consultancy Limited (ARC) was founded in 2007 to undertake research in the field of education, evaluation and project development. All the directors speak and write French to a lesser or greater degree. One speaks some Spanish. Between them they have a range of skills connected to research into and delivery of education, project management, IT and accounting. The firm has extensive networks through the other employment of the Managing Director, Dr Pamela Clayton, as a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. Tragically, Dr Pamela Clayton fell ill in February 2011 and after 10 months of illness from a Grade 4 brain tumour, she died. She was a sociologist and adult educator who had worked since 1995 on many European projects for the University of Glasgow, Prism sarl and ARC, in the fields of adult education and vocational guidance, curriculum development for professionals and evaluation of European projects. She published extensively in both academic and professional journals and spoke at numerous international conferences. She had very good local contacts in the areas of education and training. ARC still continues to function under the leadership of one of the directors, and continues with the projects that it has been involved with as well as looking to be involved in further European projects.