Asociatia pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare Durabila

Association for Education and Sustainable Development (AESD) is the educational centre and its main activities are implementation courses of formal or informal lifelong education, building an organized system of consulting, information and training with a lifelong duration. One of the activities of our association is to analyze the needs of the region and to make a network of local centers of distance learning that can be easily accessed within certain neglected areas.

The SWOT analysis of the Regional Development Agency No.3 South Muntenia pointed out that there isn’t a concordance between the educational offer of the schools and the request of the labour market. Our association tries to be complementary to the educational network that already exists and to offer more flexibility for the lifelong learning of adults. The co-operation with European institutions with experience in the field of adults education could raise the potential of our association in addressing the needs of education in this region, and at the same time could provide the impetus for the development of a new educational culture in this region.

I hope that our association give a positive impulse to social and economic development and in the same time generate new chances for people in risk of social exclusion, because one of the biggest social problems in our region is growing unemployment and economic stagnation. For example, the learners will be prepared for identification of local market opportunities in order to create and develop self business ideas, also to promote active involvement in community affairs.

Our association maintains the connection with the local authorities to know the perspective of regional development and we think that adult education strategy must be made at this level. One of the goals of our association is to give marginalized adults access to lifelong learning and to current job experience in order to be able to obtain fixed employment in the long term. Special emphasis is given to the improvement of social competence and learning on demand.