mhtconsult, Denmark

mhtconsult ApS is a holistic and knowledge-based analysis and development company which focus on promoting inclusion, diversity and development of skills in the employment sector and in society as a whole. Based on the values of diversity and citizenship, the company embraces and provides consultancy within four pillars:


• Analysis

• Method

• Competence

• Centre activity


With respect to the Analysis pillar, the company evaluates programmes and projects nation-wide, which focuses on employment, integration, education and corporate culture and diversity in workplaces.


Concerning the Method pillar the company develops hands-on method descriptions, method catalogues, target group profiles and toolkits for a wide range of clients.


Under the Competence pillar the company develops and arranges skills development courses, facilitating and process consultation for public and private stakeholders in the country and abroad e.g. courses in learning styles, intercultural approach to clarification, guidance and upgrading of skills, diversity management, knowledge sharing and organizational learning etc.


The Centre pillar implies civic centre and community activity: coordinating local network and voluntary activities with an empowerment aim e.g. family based homework café for doing homework and training the Danish language for both Danish and migrant families, girls club and unionizing for young migrant women, and a corps of mentors and volunteers. Furthermore, mhtconsult runs a project focused on Parental involvement, Family Learning and teachers courses and incorporating bilingual Home-School policies and practices into the school institu-tion.


mhtconsult ApS was founded in December 2000. In 2009 and 2010 the company was ap-pointed a gazelle company.