Project L-Pack



The “L-Pack: Citizenship Language Pack for Migrants in Europe” project focuses on the development of “a pack” of colloquial language learning exercises (L-PACK) for adult migrants in 6 European languages: German, Italian, Spanish, modern Greek, Czech and Lithuanian. The project content is specifically developed to cover the needs of adult migrants that have only basic knowledge of national language and wish to further develop their language skills, according to level A2 set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

L-PACK will consist of the following language learning products: 60 short videos with dialogues related to everyday life, audio-files and 180 exercises available through Wikibooks and YouTube, as well as language and country information with vocabulary for each language.

Project CoLa



The project aims to develop language learning materials tailored specific needs of low-skilled migrant workers. The materials comprise learning units on:

- construction specific language

- language in health protection and safety

- social interaction with colleaques

Project Bridge-it



Intercultural communication (ICC) skills are fundamental for the integration process of an immigrant/foreigner as an 'adult-in-mobility' in a host country. The main objective of this project is to offer concrete tools in several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Arabic) to facilitate the life of vulnerable 'adults-in-mobility' (AMs), as they interact with 'adults-professionally-in-contact-with-mobility' (ACMs) within institutional-bureaucratic systems.

Project ShowMI



ShowMI is a European project funded through the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme which brings together partners from seven European countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland UK and Switzerland. The project focuses on the language skills of people with a migrational background living in Europe.

Project CCEE



Within the European community migrant workers often lack a good knowledge of the factors related to culture, citizenship and employability that they will have to deal with in their new country.

The aim of the project "European Culture and Citizenship for Employement" is to prepare and facilitate the migration of workers between European countries or into the European Community , by providing the necessary knowledge in terms of new social codes and ways of life, legislation, employement law, the requirements and constraints of some occupational fields and companies of the « welcoming » country and the basic vocabulary to learn and use in order to work in the desired job.

The project focuses on the Cleaning and Building and Construction sectors as they are identified as facing recruitment difficulties, in particular among young people, and which often employ ( or are willing to employ) workers coming from other European countries .

Project New View

New Views aimed to identify the particular challenges in teaching both migrants and non-migrants in the same classroom and to develop New Views to handle these challenges. A multi-lingual Tool-Kit made up of practical and user orientated tools which will teachers with useful methods for teaching mixed groups was produced (online version and printed version).

Project FLAM

The “FLAM” partnership, consisting of various education institutions from Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Romania, Spain and Switzerland, undertook the mission of developing and implementing the concept of a multicultural teaching approach as a new strategy and method in teaching, through realisation of workshops for trainers, teachers and other educational staff.

European Commission

The European Commission represents the general interest of the EU and is the driving force in proposing legislation (to Parliament and the Council), administering and implementing EU policies, enforcing EU law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and negotiating in the international arena.


Newsletter "Snapshot"
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Flyer Meet the Need
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Leaflet Meet the Need
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Handbook “Feel like a migrant – multicultural approach in teaching”
Authors: Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham, Germany
The handbook refers to the special requirements of migrants and different cultural and social backgrounds.
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Diversity and Didactics. Inspirations for teaching heterogeneous classes
Authors: Barbara Kuss
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Migration, Communities and Lifelong Learning. IFLL Thematic Paper 3
Authors: Stephen McNair
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Language Learning by Adult Migrants: Policy Challenges and ICT Responses
Authors: Stefano Kluzer, Anusca Ferrari, Clara Centeno
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Labour-market polarisation and elementary occupations in Europe
Authors: European Centre for the Development
of Vocational Training
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